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  Flexible Double Piping    

FlexRite™ Double Pipe is a smooth bore flexible piping system with a history of environmental safety underground piping system primarily used for the transmission of fuels from underground storage tanks to above ground fueling dispensers.

FlexRite™ Double Piping
Flexible Corrugated Duct

  Nut Connectors & Fittings  

Spin Nut Connectors & Fittings are a single wall design and are used to connect FlexRite flexible piping.


  Containment Sumps    

A secondary containment chamber that mounts to the top of an underground tank to provide a dry surface access to pumps, valves and fittings.

Tank Sumps
Dispenser Sump

  Flexible Double Seal Boots    

These pipes and conduit entry seals are designed to seal the sump penetration. These entry boots incorporate both internal and external band clamps to provide additional sealing in harsh environments.

FlexRite Piping
Steel Pipe

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